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Why MHE Forklift Training?

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It is estimated that each year there are over 7000 reportable injuries involving forklift trucks. Accidents are frequently associated with a lack of suitable forklift driver training or construction plant training.

Tailored Forklift Courses

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We have the resources, expertise and experience to provide tailored forklift courses to meet with your requirements. The courses are designed to enable companies to comply with current Health and Safety Legislation.

Forklift Driver Training On Site

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Forklift driver training is carried out on site, to enable both the forklift Instructor and the forklift operator to train in the environment that the operator will be working in.

Professional Standard Accredited Training Courses

MHE Training is a professional forklift driver and construction training course provider for industry in the UK, working to the highest standards within the training world. Under the standards, MHE Training is monitored every year to keep its registration. The forklift instructors (who have experience working in industry) have their forklift Instructor's Licence renewed every 5 years.

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